Champagne Goblet Classic Set of 6
Champagne Goblet Classic Set of 6
Champagne Goblet Classic Set of 6

Stölzle Lausitz

Champagne Goblet Classic Set of 6

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Content by dash : 240 ml
Height : 217 mm
Weight approx. : 115 g
Mouth rim diameter : 49 mm
Diameter : 62 mm
Foot diameter : 65 mm
Champagne Goblet Classic Set of 6 Suitable for mature champagnes and sparkling wines, such as real champagne from Champagne, Franciaporta, noble spumanti. Also suitable for champagne cocktails. CLASSIC The name says it all for the glasses in the CLASSIC collection: they are glasses in a classic, straightforward and therefore timeless design for an elegant drinking culture. CLASSIC is a comprehensive all-round collection with many glasses whose shape is perfectly suited to the beverage in question. The goblets are ideal for large wines. They have drawn stems, which are particularly break-resistant and, together with the foot, ensure good stability. Suitable for tasting large wines, the collection offers a red wine decanter. A mouth-blown cooler, on the other hand, is the ideal accessory for enjoying sparkling wine, champagne and white wine. Tumblers in a simple, elegant, straight-cylindrical design complete the range for the bar area.