Burgundy Event Set of 6
Burgundy Event Set of 6
Burgundy Event Set of 6
Stoelzle Lausitz Burgunder Event 770 ml
Burgundy Event Set of 6
Burgundy Event Set of 6

Stölzle Lausitz

Burgundy Event Set of 6

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Content by dash : 770 ml
Height : 222 mm
Weight approx. : 216 g
Mouth rim diameter : 78.5 mm
Diameter : 108.5 mm
Foot diameter : 79 mm
Burgundy Event Set of 6 Suitable for mature, high quality, low tannin red wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, Barbaresco, Pinot Noir and Bourgogne wines. EVENT The glasses and tumblers in the Stölzle EVENT collection have a classic and timeless design, making them true all-rounders. With their large volume, the wine glasses offer the wine plenty of room to breathe and develop its bouquet. The EVENT glasses are deliberately designed with somewhat thicker walls: this makes them particularly robust, hard-wearing, stable and break-resistant. They are therefore well suited for catering and gastronomy, but can also be used ideally for larger celebrations at home. The goblet and stem of the stemware are manufactured separately in production and then welded together so that the glass visually appears to be made of one piece. Colored glasses: For selected goblet glasses (gold, silver, bronze), the foot and stem are coated with organic color.