The company Stölzle Lausitz ...

... brings noble place settings to the tables of the world

As a company, Stölzle Lausitz is like a strong tree: its roots reach far back into history. Since the Middle Ages, Lusatia has been a center of the art of glassmaking. The experience of entire generations gave and still gives Stölzle strength to weather the storms of time. The well-trained staff and the wide range of products give it a foothold in the competition. Read more about the special something of the Stölzle Lausitz company.

I have always been of the opinion that there are more important things than gold. Glass, for example, I think is more useful.

Theodor Fontane, Prince of Poets

High-tech from the very beginning
The "Oberlausitzer Glaswerke J. Schweig und Co.", founded in 1889 in Weißwasser, was a high-tech company from the very beginning. The glassworks initially produced hollow glassware for medical applications as well as glass tubes and bulbs for incandescent lamps. Table glasses followed later. The developers at Stölzle Lausitz set important milestones on the long road to the modern wine goblet. This not only applies to the shape of the drinking glasses, decanters, carafes, jugs and vases. Glass for the table must also be functional: tough, accentuating the aromas, and light and balanced in the hand.

Turmoil, reunification, return
In GDR times, the glassworks in Weißwasser was the largest goblet glass producer in the country. Four thousand people were employed here. Then the German reunification shook the industrial landscape in eastern Germany like an earthquake: Several companies crumbled to dust. Speculators bought companies just to make a quick buck. The glassworks in Weißwasser was also caught up in this maelstrom. Many employees lost their jobs and the company was threatened with economic ruin.
In 1996, the tide turned for the better when Stölzle Oberglas AG took over the factory. The Austrian family-owned company gave it a leaner, more efficient and more sustainable structure, as well as a new name: Stölzle Lausitz GmbH. The parent company modernized the halls and the three production lines in Weißwasser. After the restructuring, it released its subsidiary back into independence. With success. Stölzle Lausitz returned to the top of the German goblet glass industry as an autonomous manufacturer.

Modern from the melting furnace to the mold
Since then, Weißwasser has been producing fine glass using state-of-the-art methods that are exemplary for the entire industry. The two glass furnaces now allowed the machine production of lead-free crystal glasses. Wine goblets produced here are virtually indistinguishable from mouth-blown quality. Stölzle thus also caters to the wishes of discerning customers.
Fine glasses are part of the lifestyle. What is en vogue today may be old hat tomorrow. That is why the management of the glassworks is pursuing a sustainable course. It is constantly developing its products in-house. In addition, Stölzle produces individual designs for customers or prints, lacquers and engraves glasses.

Taste design for the palate and the eye
"Form follows function." This guiding principle shaped the Bauhaus style. Wilhelm Wagenfeld, a student at the Dessau design school, carried this idea to Weißwasser in 1930. In addition, the pioneer of industrial design had a decisive influence on the understanding of quality at Stölzle. Both of these aspects are still alive today in the functional design of Stölzle glasses. It combines aesthetics and enjoyment.
The taste design of Stölzle Lausitz emphasizes the individual character of each beverage: wines, sparkling wines, spirits, cocktails ... Because the full aroma only unfolds in the right glass. Finding the right shape and size requires experience and perseverance. Stölzle has proven both in the 130 years of its existence.

We need long-lasting quality goods.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Bauhaus pioneer

Professional quality lasts longer
Gastronomy, hotels, vintners and the beverage industry have made Stölzle Lausitz great. Private wine connoisseurs and friends of fine table culture now also appreciate the professional quality of Stölzle glasses. They are dishwasher safe. A glass from Stölzle rarely breaks. And the particularly high-quality Lusatian sand gives it brilliance. With its high quality standards, Stölzle clearly stands out from cheap suppliers.

Internationally appreciated
Stölzle Lausitz delivers all over the world. Because restaurateurs and hoteliers from Abu Dhabi to Zurich know: With table glasses from Stölzle, the price and the performance are right. As one of the largest German manufacturers of goblets, Stölzle can operate with the qualities of a market leader: reliably, flexibly and quickly. This is ensured not least by the large warehouse in Weißwasser.

Glass. Clear. Stölzle.
In short, Stölzle Lausitz is in a class of its own. A company that has been loyal to its customers and employees for 130 years does not allow itself to be distracted by short-term thinking about success. Stölzle Lausitz continues to focus on sustainability and fair working conditions.
To fully understand this extraordinary company, it's worth taking a look at our history. More about innovations and news from the world of glass can be found in the News section.