POWER - It's all about aroma

POWER - It's all about aroma

Is there such a thing as powerful design? The new goblet glass series from Stölzle Lausitz clearly answers the question with a "yes". Its name: Power.

Its striking features: a flat goblet base with an imperceptible curvature towards the stem and an elongated chimney. The expressive design has a clear effect: it ensures power and expression in every wine.

The expansive waist of the goblet is positioned directly at the level of the goblet base in the Power series glasses. This ensures optimal aeration even with small amounts of wine due to the large contact surface between wine and air. A diameter of just under 10 cm for the red wine glass at the bottom of the goblet always guarantees the desired air effect.

The side walls of the goblet start directly at the level of the goblet base and thus form an extremely long straight line. No additional curves or indentations cause a break in the chimney effect. The bouquet of the wine enriched in the glass is led directly to the nose of the connoisseur.

The goblet shape, developed by Stölzle Lausitz together with sommeliers, delivers the highest beverage justice in all glasses of the Power series and enhances the personal character of all wines. Power delivers a no-frills shape in the service of the beverage.

The distinctive goblet of the glass is supported by a slightly waisted stem that dips just as seamlessly into the goblet as it does into the base. This gives the overall appearance of the Power glasses an astonishing lightness and at the same time underscores the straightforward design language.

The Power series is initially conceived as a short glass series, which in the first step includes a voluminous red wine glass, a universal white wine goblet and a champagne glass, which will soon be complemented by two tumblers. The characteristic features of the three stem glasses are the straight-lined goblet and the waisted stem, which makes the goblet appear to float. The tumblers take up this linearity.

The glasses of the Power series are characterized not only by their appealing design and high beverage suitability, but also by their reliable robustness. This predestines them for use in the catering trade as well as at home on the table, the table or on the terrace. They are manufactured by Stölzle Lausitz at its Weißwasser site in Saxony. There, the manufacturer realizes a machine production of drawn glasses with a special process, whose quality comes extremely close to the hand-drawn mouth-blown quality.

Stölzle Lausitz has thus gained great competence as a manufacturer of high-quality goblets.

The new glasses from Stölzle Lausitz are available from GPK and gastronomy retailers, selected furniture retailers and Internet portals. The recommended retail price is 6 euros for the red wine glass, 5.80 euros for the white wine goblet and champagne glass, and 3.80 euros per tumbler.