Neues Craftbeer- und Pilsglas von Stölzle Lausitz

New craft beer and pilsner glass from Stölzle Lausitz

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Glasses for pure thirst and enjoyment Germany is beer country. Even though sales have slowly declined in recent years - with the exception of the 2014 World Cup year - the home of the Purity Law is still in the top group of countries with the highest beer consumption per capita (second place in Europe behind the Czech Republic in 2014). In Germany, however, beer is gradually changing from a longstanding thirst quencher to an enjoyable beverage. This is supported not least by the numerous beers from small breweries that are establishing themselves and, above all, by the craft beer trend. Stölzle Lausitz is now providing the appropriate setting for this trend with a new Pilsner glass and a special Craftbeer glass. With its pronounced waist and long chimney, the new craft beer glass from Stölzle Lausitz is definitely reminiscent of a noble goblet glass. The deeply drawn-in stem and the resulting harmonious transition of the stem, which strengthens toward the goblet, into the roundness of the goblet has all the makings of a sophisticated wine glass. Two details are what make the difference: At the top of the chimney, on the one hand, this glass does not narrow further and offers a vertical goblet finish; on the other hand, this glass overall delivers increased wall thickness and a solid stem compared to its wine glass counterparts. In return, it is a beer glass! The new pilsner glass takes the basic formal structure of the craft beer glass and modifies it to suit the beverage by adding a more discreet waist and a pronounced and slightly curved chimney. This opens up the necessary space for the characteristic pilsner bouquet. The new Pilsner glass from Stölzle Lausitz is a true beer glass in all respects: here, too, the wall thickness and the solidity of the stem have been increased. Together with the pronounced base plate, this glass allows for tightly-knit beer rituals. Stölzle Lausitz has deliberately kept the two new beer glasses independent in their design language. This allows them to be combined with a variety of stylistically different glasses - from organic to cubic shapes. Both glasses are machine-made using a sophisticated drawing process. This means that the stem has been pulled out of the goblet in the production process. Stölzle Lausitz is one of the few glass manufacturers in the world that is able to realize this process at a continuously high level of quality. The result is glasses of particularly harmonious shape and great robustness. Not least because of this, the glasses produced by Stölzle Lausitz in Weißwasser, Saxony, enjoy a high level of popularity in the catering trade, and are also suitable for private use. Thereby the suitability is universal: for thirst as well as for pleasure.