Überschäumende Lebensfreude: Champagner- und Sektschalen von Stölzle Lausitz

Exuberant joie de vivre: champagne and sparkling wine bowls from Stölzle Lausitz

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Sometimes it has to be sparkling wine - and a little more often. The glass manufacturer Stölzle Lausitz, which has been producing glasses for the beautiful moments of hospitality and joy for over 130 years, is convinced of this. Fortunately, there are plenty of occasions for this and, above all, they happen again and again. With its new sparkling wine and champagne bowls, Stölzle provides the glasses to capture the effervescent.

Whether it's a glamorous toast to a birthday, wedding, exam, etc., an atmospheric get-together with friends, or simply a meal for two, started in style with champagne or sparkling wine, these bowls always cut a fine figure.

The two new champagne and sparkling wine bowls "Swing" and "Twist" spread a feeling for these little moments of joie de vivre and opulence, not least because of their generous shape. At the same time, the large "Swing" as well as the somewhat smaller "Twist" captivate the friends of a wonderfully chilled sparkling wine with their delicacy and elegance, which stand in charming contrast to the voluminous opulence of the bowls. The drawn stem is long and delicate, while the cubic shape of the goblet underscores the expansive character of the glass.

While champagne bowls were extremely popular in the 1920s as well as in the 1960s and 1970s for festive and lively occasions, they are experiencing a renaissance in the 1920s with the glassmaking art of Stölzle Lausitz, which ties in with the feeling of luxury that sparkling wine embodies. "Swing" and "Twist" also express this.

Stölzle Lausitz produces these glasses using the modern drawing process on the machine. In the process, the long stems of the drinking glasses are pulled out of the goblet. This is the only way that the deep and flowing transition between the goblet and the stem can be realized at all.

The two bowls fit perfectly into the range of champagne and sparkling wine glasses from Stölzle Lausitz. As protagonists of a luxurious exuberance, they also invite, for example, the creative construction of glittering champagne pyramids. And of course, a lovingly composed cocktail also looks excellent in these bowls - Stölzle Lausitz simply knows all about the beautiful moments in life.

The two new sparkling wine and champagne bowls "Swing" and "Twist" in a set of 6 are available from gastronomy and GPK retailers as well as online portals and soon at https://stoelzle-lausitz.com/, the recommended retail price is €8.20 each.