What, of course, is the first to be noticed, we have a new logo! After almost a year of intensive consultation, studies and discussions, we decided to take a closer look at the new and yet somehow old fire circle. The fire circle now radiates in a clear orange. The modern course of the course emphasizes the timeless elegance, movement and harmony. At the same time, the logo takes up the movement of the old Feurring and gives the logo an extraordinary dynamic.
The claim (colloquial slogan, advertising slogan, corporate motto, etc.) remains the same. . Now, however, we can use more claims to the "born in fire" and thus have the opportunity to present our brand as dynamically as it really is. The colour has changed slightly, so that there can be no more pressure-technical inconsistencies in the future.

Trade fair start 2023



Ambiente 2023

We had the opportunity to present our new products at the fair, "Ambiente" in Frankfurt on a 120 m² stand. It was great to meet many old and new faces and to present us as a company, manufacturer and partner. We would like to thank all those who have made this fair a success for us.
We were able to present our new series and collect the first great and constructive feedback,

Rediscover Stölzle Lausitz


As a traditional glass manufacturer since 1889, we are proud to bring innovative products to the market again and again and to continue to develop.

The Fino glass series: This series includes red wine, white wine and champagne glasses, which are the filigree glasses we have ever produced. There is hardly any space between drink and lover and thus a unique pleasure experience guaranteed, shaping comes here from our Grand Cuveè. The series consists of red wine, white wine & champagne glass.


New York and Manhattan Cut to be expanded



The glass series Soho complements our closing Manhattan and New York in the bar area. The haptic of these stylish glasses is unmistakable. Whether at home or in the bar, these glasses with whisky, long drink and juice glass are always an eye-catcher.