WEINLAND feiert 20. „Geburtstag“

WEINLAND celebrates 20th "birthday

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The Weinland glass series has now been on the market for 20 years. It was one of the first series that Stölzle Lausitz produced at the Weißwasser site and launched on the market.

The series was specially developed for continuous use in the catering industry. Their advantages: The glasses are stable due to their low center of gravity and very robust overall, but at the same time convey a high-quality impression due to a finely fused transition from the goblet to the stem. With their short stems, the glasses score in terms of saving space when stored or in the dishwasher. The breadth of the series is also a plus: various red wine and white wine glasses, sweet wine goblets, different tumblers and distillate glasses offer a coordinated glass for every occasion.

With these features, the Weinland series is particularly suitable for caterings of all kinds, but also for wine festivals and larger events. Perhaps it is - as a single glass or as a whole series - also something for you? At least now is the ideal time to think about it. Because for the 20th anniversary, gastronomy partners at Stölzle Lausitz receive special anniversary conditions.

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