STARlight - Die neue Leichtigkeit

STARlight - The new lightness

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Classic at first glance, trend-setting at first touch. With the new goblet glass series STARlight, the German drinking glass manufacturer Stölzle Lausitz takes a step further into a new dimension: Machine glass has never been so close to mouth-blown glass with a gracefully slender stem and delicately thin-walled goblet.

STARlight is a glass series with a balanced form. A seamless and deeply drawn transition between stem and goblet, as well as a perfectly proportioned chimney, give the goblets made of lead-free crystal glass a high functionality and a harmonious appearance. In total, the series includes a Burgundy glass, a Bordeaux glass, a red wine goblet, a white wine glass and a champagne goblet.

The special feature of the new series, however, is the thickness - or rather thinness in this case - of the glass. The stem, for example, has a diameter that is around ten percent smaller than that of conventional machine-produced glasses. And the goblet also has a noticeably thinner glass thickness in the chimney compared to other machine-produced glasses. This gives the glasses in the STARlight series a new lightness and an extraordinary elegance. In addition, they have the usual features of Stölzle glasses, such as dishwasher suitability and breakage resistance. This makes them perfect for upscale restaurants, 5-star hotels, innovative wine bars and the entire professional sector, as well as for enjoying at home.

The glasses in the new STARlight goblet series are manufactured using the so-called drawing process. In this process, the stem is pulled out of a glass stopper at the end of the goblet, as is also the case with hand-blown glasses. This enables a long and seamless transition between the glass elements goblet and stem, which is not common in other machine processes. Stölzle Lausitz is one of the few glass manufacturers in the world to implement the drawing process in a permanently high quality. With the technology of particularly fine blowing of the glass that has now been achieved, this quality can be increased even further in the direction of handcrafted products.

The new STARlight glasses were presented at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt am Main in February. For caterers, they can be calibrated with the usual filling lines (see PDF below). The recommended retail price for end consumers is 9.00 euros for the Burgundy or Bordeaux glass, 8.80 euros for the red wine goblet, and 7.90 euros each for the white wine glass and the champagne goblet.