Serie Revolution jetzt mit neuem Bordeauxglas

Revolution series now with new Bordeaux glass

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The four goblets of the Revolution glass series from Stölzle Lausitz are now getting the Bordeaux glass a new companion. With their distinctive shape, the glasses do the best possible justice to different wine characters and are therefore excellently suited to giving wines their own particular expression. The glasses are manufactured in a sophisticated process for which Stölzle Lausitz holds the leading position in Germany.

The straight-lined, conical shape of the Revolution glasses follows the idea that the demands placed on the glass are determined less by the individual grape variety and more by specific, homogeneous demands of different wine characters. Stölzle Lausitz is now adding another type of glass to this idea, which, with its large volume combined with the elongated chimney, gives powerful and tannic wines the space to develop. The lines of this new glass are particularly suited to such wines, as the bouquet is guided to the connoisseur in a targeted manner. The flowing transition from the goblet to the stem also increases the haptic enjoyment factor.

The other wine glasses and the champagne goblet in the series also have a clear assignment of tasks: the white wine glass is also the universal glass and is designed for a wide range of wines, whether they are strong, classically vinified whites or light reds. The volume, the angle of the chimney and the diameter of the glass opening have been designed to be as universal as possible, so that a wide range of grape varieties can be perfectly appreciated in this glass. For more powerful, alcohol-rich wines, the red wine glass is available with a slightly higher aroma chimney and smaller opening diameter, which allows the bouquet to develop in a concentrated manner. With a large volume, the Burgundy glass is suitable for large, fully mature wines. The large body of the glass additionally promotes the bouquet through intensive air contact of these wines and gives the diversity in it the appropriate space.

The glass manufacturer from Weißwasser/O.L. in Saxony now also produces the Revolution series goblets using the so-called machine-drawing process. In this production process, the stem is pulled directly out of the goblet blown on the machine. This production process comes very close to the handcrafted mouth blowing technique and is currently the highest quality method of producing machine-blown glass. Stölzle Lausitz is one of the few manufacturers worldwide to implement this process at a consistently high level of quality. The company from Lausitz can claim to produce the most wine and champagne glasses in Germany using the machine drawing process, making it Germany's number one manufacturer of glasses with drawn stems.

The five goblets in the Revolution series are complemented by three glass tumblers, the shape of which takes up the distinctive design of the goblets. The well-balanced ratio of conical elements and curves makes these tumblers extremely pleasing to the touch. In addition to two low tumblers, which can be used as whisky tumblers for enjoyment with or without ice as well as for water and soft drinks, a slender long drink glass is available as a third variant, which, however, also opens up the range of applications far beyond the one classification.

The goblets and glass tumblers of the Stölzle Revolution series are available, among other places, in our online store: >> here.