Spätschicht in der Stölzle Lausitz

Late shift at Stölzle Lausitz

"Late shift" - Day of the off. Company

Glass manufacturer Stölzle Lausitz invites you to a special late shift on November 2, 2018. In two one-hour guided tours at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., interested parties can take a close look at the production of goblets and drinking cups. Families with prospective school leavers who are interested in an apprenticeship at Stölzle Lausitz and potential employees who want to find out more about Stölzle Lausitz are particularly addressed. Stölzle Lausitz is taking part in the "Late Shift" at the Open Company Day in the district of Görlitz, where companies in Görlitz, Zittau and Weißwasser are letting visitors look behind the scenes at the same time.

The entrance is free. Registration by phone (03576) 268 0 is required.

Participating companies in the Weißwasser/O.L. region: Stadtwerke Weißwasser, Watches & Jewelry Schirrock Weißwasser, Willms Weißwasser, Nickel Windows Weißwasser, SKM Group in Boxberg, switchgear accessories Bad Muskau.

Participating companies in Zittau: www.zittau.de/spaetschicht

Participating companies in Görlitz: www.goerlitz.de/wirtschaft