Bierstiefel von Stölzle Lausitz

Beer boots from Stölzle Lausitz

Getting together in convivial company is simply fun: in these rounds, people talk, laugh and the enjoyable drinking of beer or wine is often part of it. And sometimes drinking games, such as drinking from a boot - a drinking vessel made of glass, often with a capacity of two or one liter - also fit in with an entertaining evening.

Stölzle Lausitz offers friends of boot drinking glasses with different volumes: starting with the 2.0 or 1.0 liter variant particularly suitable for the drinking game, through boots in the 0.5 liter variant, to little boots for only 0.25 l or also 0.04 l content.

Drinking from the 2-liter or 1-liter boot that usually makes the rounds in the drinking game isn't all that easy, and that's also what makes this fun beer-drinking game so appealing: Because at the latest from the point at which air gets into the foot part of the boot while drinking, the previously carefully poured hop and malt beverage starts to bubble and ... shoots upward if you're not careful enough. But there is a little trick to prevent this undesirable wet effect: Either drink the beer very slowly with care or turn the boot while drinking also very slowly, so that air does not get into the foot part too quickly. This way, you stay dry as long as possible while drinking and can pass the glass on to the next person, who then tries his luck. One drinking rule is that whoever the beer shoots at first has to pay for the next round.

Passionate boot drinkers also know that you should take particularly cold beer for drinking from the boot, if possible, because the beer can stand out more quickly in the big boots.

Boot drinking has a long tradition in Germany, which was partly popular with the military - where people drank from real boots as a test of courage or punishment - but also with students. The custom here goes back to the 16th century. The priest and mathematician Michael Stifel, after he had obviously been mistaken about the date of the end of the world, which he had calculated from biblical passages, found himself exposed to the scorn of the students of Jena. As soon as he entered a tavern, the students received him with a mocking "Sti(e)fellied". Since Stifel was finally able to enforce a ban on the song, the students drank in return from a boot that they had specially made for the purpose. This background is no longer familiar to many, and so the cheerful and upbeat side of the tradition is the focus today.

The boots from the Stölzle Lausitz range are available from gastronomy and GPK specialist retailers as well as online portals and at

The recommended retail price is:

  • Beer boot 2.0 l mouth-blown: 70.00 euros,

  • Beer boots set of 6: 1.0 liters 83.40 euros; 0.5 liters 47.40 euros and 0.25 liters 27.00 euros and

  • Beer boots in a set of 12 with 0.04 liters for 32.40 euros.