Stoelzle Lausitz Vulcano Becher  475 ml

Stölzle Lausitz

Wine goblet small Vulcano set of 6

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Content by dash : 475 ml
Height : 115 mm
Weight approx. : 123 g
Mouth rim diameter : 61 mm
Diameter : 87 mm

Wine goblet small Vulcano set of 6

The universal glass series VULCANO captivates with the unique design of the goblet, which brings out the best qualities of each good wine. The aroma cone at the bottom of the goblet allows greater contact of the wine with the air when the glass is swirled: this allows the wine aromas to come out to their best advantage. The tapered shape of the glass towards the top concentrates the wine aromas. In the goblet glass, the stem is welded to the top. Thanks to the relatively short stem and the aroma cone, the glassâ€?s center of gravity is relatively low â€" making it particularly stable. The goblet is ideal as a stemless wine glass: but as a true all-rounder, they can also use it as a water glass to the wine goblet, or as a cup for juice, beer or cocktails.