Stoelzle Lausitz The New 1/8 Hausweinglas rot 253 ml

Stölzle Lausitz

“the new” house wine glass red

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“the new?” Red house wine glass set of 6 - The ultimate red wine glass for the new table culture

Suitable for simple table wines and country wines.

“the new?” glass
Created in collaboration with the international designers Peter Noever (Vienna) and Andrea Lenardin (Los Angeles), the wine cups “the new?” glass revive the traditional eighth glass of the Viennese Heurigen in a new look. The red wine cup and the white wine cup are reminiscent of the Viennese eighth glasses (also known as "barrel cups") and thus bring back a piece of Viennese Heurige tradition. A fill line marks the filling level for one eighth of a liter (125 ml) on both cups. The stemless wine glasses are ideal for informal and sociable wine gatherings and also offer a pleasant tactile experience in retro style.