Stölzle Lausitz Oberglas Salzburg Krug 500 ml

Stölzle Lausitz

Jug 0,50 l Salzburg 6er-Set

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Content by dash : 500 ml
Height : 131 mm
Weight approx. : 530 g
Diameter : 105 mm
Jug 0,50 l Salzburg 6er-Set SALZBURG With its exceptional design and its high stability, the SALZBURG Krüge are highly appreciated in gastronomy. Also in the home four walls, the table accessories with their curved shape, the outer wall with spiral relief and the Krugboden in stellar optics make a good figure. Thanks to the practical neckline, water, juices and lemonades can be served particularly easily. The small SALZBURG krüge are also very well suited as milk squirrels for coffee or tea. After use, the crumbs can be cleaned in the dishwasher.