Stoelzle Lausitz Dekanter Earth Vulkanos

Stölzle Lausitz

Decanter Earth volcanoes

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Content by dash : 750 ml
Height : 285 mm
Weight approx. : 1.244 g
Decanter Earth volcanoes DEKANTER Decanters are indispensable accessories for the perfect red wine enjoyment. After pouring the wine bottle into the decanter, the red wine can react optimally with the air and the oxygen and thus can develop its aromas optimally. The "beloved" wine is so tastefully acclaimed. In addition to their functionality, decanters also enrich the wine enjoyment visually and haptically. The red wine is presented in a particularly beautiful way in a decanter, the pouring of the wine into the decanter and the pouring out of the decanter into the glasses makes the wine drinking a special experience.