Stoelzle Lausitz Cocktailschale Elements Weiß Bronze 240 ml

Stölzle Lausitz

Cocktail Bowl White/Bronze Elements Set of 6

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Content by dash : 240 ml
Height : 172 mm
Weight approx. : 210 g
Mouth rim diameter : 116 mm
Diameter : 116 mm
Foot diameter : 77.5 mm
Cocktail Bowl White/Bronze Elements Set of 6 Suitable for classic cocktails such as Martini or Manhattan. ELEMENTS The ELEMENTS drinking glass collection from Stölzle Lausitz brings a colorful atmosphere to everyday life. The glasses inspire with a wide variety of original colors: there are transparent glasses in classic colors such as red, cobalt blue, purple and green as well as particularly noble variants in gold, silver and bronze (this noble line includes not only drinking cups but also cocktail bowls and champagne bowls). The shape of the cups is simple, yet very pleasing. Thanks to the design, the center of gravity of the cups is relatively low: this makes the glasses more manageable and also gives them greater stability when filled. The thick glass base and the slightly thickened outer walls make the ELEMENTS glasses very resistant to breakage. The organic color is applied to the outside of the cups and then baked on: this makes the glasses dishwasher-safe and wonderfully suitable for everyday use. The ELEMENTS glasses are ideal as cups for water and juice - but wine spritzers and colorful cocktails also cut a fine figure in them. Due to the beautiful variety of colors, the glasses can also be used as small lanterns, vases or decorative elements. ELEMENTS is a collection for the whole family: the small "Kids" cups with a volume of 335 ml also fit perfectly in children's hands. Those who love ELEMENTS should also take a look at the TWISTER collection: the colorful mugs in the same shape have a textured, grooved outer surface and are the perfect complement to ELEMENTS.