Stölzle Lausitz Chianti Q1 400 ml

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Chianti Q1 6-pack

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Q1 is the exclusive, hand-blown premium collection from Stölzle Lausitz. The glasses are handmade with traditional glassmaking art and are therefore pleasantly light in the hand. The drawn stem of the goblets is particularly long and fine and makes them extraordinarily elegant. The widest part of the wine glasses is set deep: this not only gives them an extravagant design, but also gives the wine plenty of room to breathe and unfold its aromas with a low filling volume. In addition to the wine glasses for red wines, white wines, sweet wines and champagne, Q1 also offers a chalice and a cup for water, a nosing glass for cognac and a noble brandy chalice. Q1 is the perfect lens collection for special, festive occasions. If you appreciate the extraordinary design of Q1, but place more emphasis on everyday suitability, you should go for the glasses of the machine-made Stölzle collection QUATROPHIL: these glasses are made in the same, chic and modern design, but more robust and durable.