Stoelzle Lausitz New York Bar  Campari Longdrink 320 ml

Stölzle Lausitz

Campari drink New York Bar set of 6

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Content by dash : 320 ml
Height : 166.5 mm
Weight approx. : 281 g
Mouth rim diameter : 59.5 mm
Diameter : 59.5 mm
Foot diameter : 55 mm
Campari drink New York Bar set of 6 NEW YORK BAR The bar glasses from the NEW YORK BAR collection from Stölzle Lausitz impress with their minimalist elegance: classic, cylindrical shapes with straight lines determine the design of the glasses and bring a stylish lounge atmosphere to your home bar. Thanks to the thick glass base and the solid workmanship, the glasses are not only stable, but can also be kept perfectly balanced. The different sizes of NEW YORK BAR together cover a wide range of needs for the home bar - an ideal entry-level collection, especially since all glasses are dishwasher-safe.