Beer Classic Set of 6
Beer Classic Set of 6
Beer Classic Set of 6
Beer Classic Set of 6
Beer Classic Set of 6

Stölzle Lausitz

Beer Classic Set of 6

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Content by dash : 430 ml
Height : 223
Weight approx. : 243 g
Mouth rim diameter : 73 mm
Diameter : 75 mm
Foot diameter : 73 mm
Beer Classic Set of 6 CLASSIC The name says it all with the glasses in the CLASSIC collection: these are glasses with a classic, straightforward and therefore timeless design for an elegant drinking culture. CLASSIC is a comprehensive all-round collection with a wide range of glasses whose shape is ideally suited to the beverage in question. The goblets are ideal for large wines. They have drawn stems, which are particularly break-resistant and, together with the foot, ensure good stability. Suitable for tasting large wines, the collection offers a red wine decanter. A mouth-blown cooler, on the other hand, is the ideal accessory for enjoying sparkling wine, champagne and white wine. Tumblers in a simple, elegant, straight-cylindrical design complete the range for the bar area.