Mit Schliff nach ganz oben: Stölzle Lausitz erhält internationale Auszeichnung

With polish to the top: Stölzle Lausitz receives international award

Weißwasser. It is no secret that Stölzle Lausitz is consistent in its product development. Consistent is also the step to apply the proven glassmaking competence and creativity in the field of glass cutting. And this is now being rewarded: the new series from the established NEW YORK BAR glass collection, "Club" and "Manhattan", have made it all the way to the top, and with a cut. They were awarded at the beginning of May with the Tableware International Award of Excellence 2021 in the category 'Barware'.

While the NEW YORK BAR glass collection from Stölzle Lausitz concentrates on the essentials in its straightforward design language, the two decorative cuts "Manhattan" and "Club" each provide that certain something that gives the after-work drink as well as the aperitif or digestif that special touch.

The "Manhattan" cut picks up on the up-and-coming straight lines of the city district of the same name, while the diagonal "Club" cut lends the glasses a stimulating dynamism.

Like the design itself, the execution of the matte cut is strikingly reduced. The lines of the straight "Manhattan" cut and the diagonal "Club" cut each take the lead here in the eye of the beholder. The high-quality clear crystal glass casually corresponds with the opaque cut. Depending on the contents of the glass and the color of the drink, the light refracts playfully on the individual lines.

The international 21-member jury consisting of representatives from the retail and tableware design sectors also recognized the idea behind this classic stylistic device with the Tableware International Award of Excellence 2021. "It is the first time for us to win this prestigious award among 176 submissions from leading brands worldwide. We are extremely pleased that we made it to the top of the winners' podium with our aesthetically sophisticated cuts," said Saskia Schimann, Marketing Manager at Stölzle Lausitz GmbH, referring to the glass manufacturer's design expertise.

In addition, the company from Lausitz was nominated as a finalist in the 'Hospitality Glassware' category with its "STARlight" series. The STARlight goblet glass series has a pronounced lightness - machine glass has never been so close to mouth-blown glass. This is because Stölzle Lausitz is one of the few glass manufacturers in the world to implement the machine-drawn process in permanently high quality. The gracefully slender stem, with a diameter around ten percent smaller than that of conventional machine-produced glasses, and the delicately thin-walled goblet lend this series of glasses an exceptionally attractive elegance. The fact that these glasses also feature the characteristics of breakage resistance and dishwasher suitability that are a matter of course for Stölzle Lausitz is typical of the German glass manufacturer's products.

"Receiving awards is not a rarity for Stölzle Lausitz, but this international recognition of our glassmaking art 'Made in Germany' is also a milestone that sustainably underlines our renown," emphasizes Saskia Schimann.