Rezept: Saltimbocca mit cremiger Polenta und Pfannengemüse

Recipe: Saltimbocca with creamy polenta and pan-fried vegetables

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Without a doubt, Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Pizza and pasta in all variations are the big favorites. But this reflects only a fraction of the Italian variety - just think of antipasti, various soups or Mediterranean fish and meat dishes.

One of the most important characteristics of Italian cuisine, which probably also contributes to its popularity, is its simplicity. It doesn't require complicated manipulations or a mountain of ingredients to cook the classics. Rather, the quality of the ingredients and the attitude to the meal, which in Italy is celebrated with pleasure in the community in the evening, are among its important pillars - not to mention the Italian wine, which cannot be missing from a successful dinner.

Especially in this cold and gray season, we also like to dream of the Italian sun and mentally bring it home - with a real Roman classic: Saltimbocca. Literally translated, the classic is not called "jump in the mouth" for nothing. Accompanied by a good drop of Italian wine or delicious grape juice and the culinary journey can begin.

We have added a vegetarian alternative and two tasty side dishes to the traditional recipe, which can also be easily modified into a vegan variation with just a few changes. Dream of Italy! We hope you enjoy cooking and feasting.