Kraftvoll in Richtung Auszeichnung

Powerful in the direction of the award

For the launch of its new Power glass series Stölzle Lausitz GmbH asked the question: Is there such a thing as powerful design? This question has now also been answered "yes" by independent experts. Because the Power goblet series has been nominated for the German Design Award 2018.

Even the nomination is a distinction: an independent jury already decides on the opportunity to participate in the final award ceremony as part of the German Design Award. Here, only products and concepts that stand out from the crowd can pass. The nomination of the new goblet glass series Power by Stölzle Lausitz for the final of this German Design Oscar already documents the extraordinary expressiveness of the design.

"First and foremost in our glass development is beverage justice," says Johann Nagl, Managing Director of Stölzle Lausitz, describing the process of creating a new glass shape. "With the nomination of the Power glass series for the German Design Award 2018, it has been proven that an exceptional design and an orientation towards functionality need not be a contradiction in goblet glasses." The high acceptance of Stölzle Lausitz glasses in upscale gastronomy as well as among wineries and private connoisseurs thus has its reasons.

The reduced design of the goblets in the Power series from Stölzle Lausitz has two strikingly prominent features: the flat goblet base with its imperceptible curvature towards the stem, and the extremely elongated chimney. The protruding waist of the goblet is positioned directly on the level of the base of the goblet in the glasses. This ensures optimal aeration even with small amounts of wine due to the large contact area between wine and air. The glass sides of the goblet are positioned directly at the level of the base of the goblet, thus forming an extremely long straight line. The bouquet of the wine enriched in the glass is thus led directly to the nose of the connoisseur.

The goblet, reduced to its minimalist basic form, is supported by a slightly waisted stem that dips just as seamlessly into the goblet as into the base plate. This gives the overall appearance of the Power glasses an astonishing lightness and at the same time underscores the straightforward design language.

The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards with great national and international significance. The prize is awarded for innovative products and projects in various categories by the German Design Council. A top-class international jury ensures the quality of the award. The self-set claim makes the orientation of the German Design Award clear, "to be a competition that advances the design-oriented economy".