Noch mehr POWER – neue Becher

Even more POWER - new cups

The POWER series from Stölzle Lausitz has received two new additions: a White wine tumbler and a Red wine cup. These are particularly suitable for use on casual occasions or even outdoors. Of course, water and other non-alcoholic beverages can also be drunk from them in an uncomplicated but stylish way. The cups complete the POWER series, which so far consisted of a voluminous red wine glass, a universal white wine goblet and a champagne glass.

The new series from the Lausitz glassmakers is characterized by its particularly wide and flat goblet base. This offers maximum contact with the air even at low fill levels and thus a great opportunity for the aromas to develop. The series is particularly striking because of the straight-lined goblet and the waisted stem, which makes the goblet float, as it were. The goblets take up exactly this straightforwardness.

Stölzle Lausitz thus continues to position itself as a manufacturer of high-quality goblets. Because of its appearance, the new POWER series has been nominated for the German Design Award. Until now, glasses similar to the POWER series have hardly been available on the market and have tended to be the price-intensive mouth-blown variety. Stölzle, with its almost 130-year glassmaking tradition in Lusatia, has managed to produce such high-quality, unique glasses by machine as well.