Leopold Grupp ist neuer Geschäftsführer (CEO) der Stölzle Lausitz GmbH

Leopold Grupp is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stölzle Lausitz GmbH

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Weißwasser, March 18, 2022. In January 2022, Leopold Grupp took over the management of the traditional company Stölzle Lausitz. Together with the technical managing director Ronald Brieger, he will steer the company's fortunes with immediate effect. His predecessor was Johann Nagl, who retired last year.

Leopold Grupp, 32, studied technical mathematics at the Vienna University of Technology and completed his MBA at INSEAD in France last year.

Glass production in Lusatia has been one of the most important and traditional sites in Europe for well over a hundred years. Grupp, who is part of the owning family, wants to continue this tradition and make Stölzle Lausitz present in all markets. The prerequisites are provided by the quality of the products and the strength and passion of the employees. "We want to make the world curious about us. We can do a lot and I am looking forward to showing this to the world together with the people here on site," the new managing director describes the objective. "We want to show the world our face and our capabilities!" is how Leopold Grupp sums it up.

Leopold Grupp is part of the 7th generation of the family business and sees his task in the long term and as a great opportunity to make a big difference.